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  此书单中的大部分都是彩绘,图片十分精美,有如《哈利波特》之类的各年龄段通杀的书,也有Love you forever这样的睡前小故事,彩绘版以图为首,故事情节简单,字数少,非常的受孩子欢迎,老少皆宜。

  This list was tabulated from an online survey that ran at thisweb site from November 1, 1999 throughFebruary 1, 2000. The resultsleave no doubt that America's kids LOVE to read. You might want tocomparethis with Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children。

  1. Harry Potter (series)《哈利波特全集》 by J. K.Rowling

  2. Goosebumps (series) by R. L. Stine

  3. Green Eggs and Ham《绿鸡蛋和火腿》 by Dr.Seuss

  4. The Cat in the Hat《戴帽子的猫》 by Dr. Seuss

  5. Arthur (series)《亚瑟探险系列》 by Marc Brown

  6. Charlotte's Web《夏洛特的网》 by E. B. White

  7. Shiloh (trilogy)《夏伊洛》 by Phyllis ReynoldsNaylor

  8. Hatchet《手斧男孩》 by Gary Paulsen

  9. Holes《别有洞天》 by Louis Sachar

  10. The Giver《记忆传授人》 by Lois Lowry

  11. The Chronicles of Narnia《纳尼亚传奇》 by C. S.Lewis

  12. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing 《四年级的无聊事》

  by Judy Blume

  13. Sideways Stories from WaysideSchool《歪歪小学要倒了系列》 (series) by LouisSachar

  14. The BFG( The Big Friendly Giant)《吹梦巨人》 byRoald Dahl

  15. The Boxcar Children (series) by GertrudeChandler Warner

  16. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish byDr. Seuss

  17. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (series)《雷梦拉八岁》 byBeverly Cleary

  18. Pokemon (series) by Tracey West, Maria S.Barbo

  19. The Babysitters Club (series) by Ann M.Martin

  20. Ralph S. Mouse (series) by BeverlyCleary

  21. Little House on the Prairie(series)《草原上的小木屋》 by Laura Ingalls Wilder

  22. Where the Sidewalk Ends by ShelSilverstein

  23. Charlie and the ChocolateFactory《查理和巧克力工厂》 by Roald Dahl

  24. The Giving Tree《爱心树》 by ShelSilverstein

  25. Clifford the Big Red Dog (series) byNorman Bridwell

  26. Stuart Little《精灵鼠小弟》 by E. B. White

  27. Where the Red Fern Grows《红色羊齿草的故乡》 byWilson Rawls

  28. The Adventures of Captain Underpants(series) by Dav Pilkey

  29. The Polar Express《极地特快》 by Chris VanAllsburg

  30. The Berenstain Bears (series)《贝贝熊系列丛书》 byJan and Stan Berenstain

  31. Animorphs (series) by K. A. Applegate

  32. The Witches《女巫》 by Roald Dahl

  33. Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by CarolynKeene

  34. The Hobbit (series)《哈比人历险记》 by J. R. R.Tolkien

  35. American Girls (series) by Susan Adler,Valerie Tripp, Connie Porter, Janet Shaw, et al

  36. Matilda《玛蒂尔达》 by Roald Dahl

  37. The Call of the Wild《野性的呼唤》 by JackLondon

  38. The Foot Book 《千奇百怪的脚》 by Dr. Seuss

  39. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr.Seuss

  40. James and the Giant Peach《詹姆斯与大仙桃》byRoald Dahl

  41. Junie B. Jones (series) by BarbaraPark

  42. Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner

  43. Falling Up by Shel Silverstein

  44. A Wrinkle in Time (series)《时间的皱纹》 byMadeleine L'Engle

  45. Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen

  46. Amber Brown (series) by PaulaDanziger

  47. The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds

  48. Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood andSweatsocks by Mick Foley (Mankind)

  49. Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

  50. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

  51. A Light in the Attic by ShelSilverstein

  52. Chicken Soup for the Soul (series)《心灵鸡汤》

  by various authors

  53. Curious George (series) by Margret andHans Augusto Rey

  54. The Teacher from the Black Lagoon(series)《黑湖的教师》 by Mike Thaler

  55. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by LauraJoffe Numeroff

  56. The Bailey School Kids (series) by DebbieDadey, et al

  57. The Hardy Boys (series)《哈迪男孩系列》 byFranklin W. Dixon

  58. The Mitten by Jan Brett

  59. Amelia Bedelia (series) by PeggyParish

  60. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH byRobert C. O'Brien

  61. Island of the Blue Dolphins by ScottO'Dell

  62. Little Women《小妇人》 by Louisa MayAlcott

  63. Mr. Popper's Penguins by RichardAtwater

  64. The River by Gary Paulsen

  65. Magic Tree House (series) by Mary PopeOsborne

  66. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

  by John Scieszka

  67. Bridge to Terabithia《仙境之桥》 by KatherinePaterson

  68. Hop on Pop《在爸爸身上蹦来跳去》 by Dr. Seuss

  69. The Complete Tales of Winnie thePooh《维尼熊的故事》 by A. A. Milne

  70. Tuck Everlasting《不老泉》 by NatalieBabbitt

  71. Redwall by Brian Jacques

  72. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever byBarbara Robinson

  73. Where the Wild Things《野兽团》 Are by MauriceSendak

  74. Wringer by Jerry Spinelli

  75. Are You There God? It's Me,Margaret《神哪,您在那里吗?是我,玛格丽特》 by JudyBlume

  76. Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary

  77. Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls

  78. Sweet Valley High (series) by FrancinePascal

  79. The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley(series) by Judy Katschke, Cathy Dobowski, LisaEisenberg,Nancy E. Krulik, Nina Alexander, Frances Lin Lantz, et al

  80. Garfield《加菲猫》 (series) by Jim Davis

  81. Magic School Bus《魔法校车》 (series) by JoannaCole

  82. Math Curse by John Scieszka

  83. White Fang《白牙》 by Jack London

  84. I Spy (series) by Walter Wick, JeanMarzollo, Diana Noonan, et al

  85. Love You Forever《永远爱你》 by Robert N.Munsch

  86. My Side of the Mountain by Jean CraigheadGeorge

  87. The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B.White

  88. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

  89. Draw 50 Airplanes, Aircraft and Spacecraft(series) by Lee J. Ames

  90. Goodnight Moon《月亮,晚安》 by Margaret WiseBrown

  91. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer《汤姆·索亚历险记》 byMark Twain

  92. The Rock Says by Dwayne Johnson (TheRock)

  93. Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel

  94. To Kill a Mockingbird《杀死一只知更鸟》 by HarperLee

  95. All About Sam by Lois Lowry

  96. Black Beauty《黑骏马》 by Anna Sewell

  97. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

  98. Hank the Cow Dog (series) by John R.Erickson

  99. Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini

  100. Sarah, Plain and Tall by PatriciaMacLachlan

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